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What is teak oil in simple words

What is teak oil in simple words

Teak oil is a product that you should know if you own a piece of teak furniture. In simple words, teak oil is a natural oil that can be found in teak trees and that is used to restore teak wood. However it has many applications that make it a perfect natural alternative to artificial wood care chemicals.
Teak oil to restore teak’s original look

Teak oil to restore teak’s or...

When people think about teak, they usually recall a beautiful hardwood used by many furniture manufacturers, as well as an excellent wood used in flooring applications and construction among others. One of the main reasons that make teak wood so popular, besides it’s beauty, is the fact that it requires very little maintenance. In fact, teak wood is so durable that it can easily survive it’s original owners, and be carried to future generations.