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What is teak oil in simple words

Teak Oil

Teak Oil

Teak oil is a product that you should know if you own a piece of teak furniture. In simple words, teak oil is a natural oil that can be found in teak trees and that is used to restore teak wood. However it has many applications that make it a perfect natural alternative to artificial wood care chemicals.

As a natural product found in the trunks of teak trees, it has the same natural color of teak wood and also many of it’s characteristics. This marvelous product helps to waterproof teak wood. As you may know, teak wood is naturally resistant to water, however it may loose some of it’s water resistant properties as time passes by.

Another important feature of teak oil is that it helps to keep teak’s natural color. When teak is aging, it will slowly turn gray, loosing it’s gorgeous golden color. While some people actually prefer teak’s silver tone, most of the people want to preserve it’s original color, and one of the best ways is applying teak oil.

Teak furniture doesn’t require constant teak oil applications to remain strong for years. This tropical hardwood can stand strong for years as it’s naturally resistant to water and insects, however a small help may result convenient in harsh weather conditions. Again, it’s not necessary to use teak oil unless you want to preserve teak’s natural visual appeal for years.

Since teak is naturally resistant to water, it’s been widely used in marine applications. Most modern luxury yachts include fancy teak accents. This is a great choice since teak wood won’t rot because of the wet environment. However since it’s important to preserve the luxurious natural look of teak, teak oil is commonly used in this industry.

You should take into consideration that even though teak is naturally resistant to water, it only means that it will last more than other types of wood, but eventually it’s natural resistance may degrade. In this cases, teak oil helps to recover it’s water resistance.