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Teak oil to restore teak’s original look

Teak Oil

Teak Oil

When people think about teak, they usually recall a beautiful hardwood used by many furniture manufacturers, as well as an excellent wood used in flooring applications and construction among others. One of the main reasons that make teak wood so popular, besides it’s beauty, is the fact that it requires very little maintenance. In fact, teak wood is so durable that it can easily survive it’s original owners, and be carried to future generations.

However, some basic maintenance is required to preserve teak’s original finish, and one of the most popular ways of helping teak to maintain it’s original look is by cleaning and applying teak oil twice a year to any piece of teak furniture you own.

Teak oil is a natural oil found in teak wood, mainly in the trunk. Teak oil is extracted from the trees and used to restore teak’s original look. As years go by, teak starts to loose it’s natural color and becomes gray. There are many teak protectors in the market that can help you slow down this process, but won’t stop it. Here is where Teak oil comes in, as it helps teak recover it’s original color, making your furniture look just like new even if it’s very old.

When teak furniture is left outdoors without any protection, the discoloration process starts between six and nine months depending on the exposure to sun and rain. That’s why if you want to preserve the original look of your teak furniture, we suggest to apply teak oil at least every six months, just before it starts to become gray.

Before applying the teak oil, you should make sure to wash the piece of furniture first. We recommend using a solution based on a mild laundry detergent and a bit of bleach dissolved in water. Brush gently using the solution and a soft bristle brush. After that, rinse the whole piece to remove the solution and any remaining dirt.

Once the piece of furniture is dry, you can proceed to apply a light coat of teak oil. For this you can use any piece of cloth, or a soft brush. After applying the teak oil, wipe off the excess oil, and let it dry.

As a safety note, apply teak oil in a ventilated area, you won’t like to be exposed to it’s smell or vapors as they can make you faint. If you are working on a piece of outdoor furniture, there’s no reason to take it inside, just make sure to choose a sunny day to apply the teak oil. Just in case you are applying teak oil to indoor furniture, then take it outside. Safety should always be at first place.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that in the market you will find both teak oil and teak cleaners. Teak oil is used to restore teak’s original color and finish, while teak cleaners are used only to clean and not to preserve teak’s golden color.

The bottom line here is that teak oil is used to preserve teak’s natural golden brown color as it ages without using artificial chemicals that may change teak’s original look or durability.