Why teak is better for your outdoor furniture

Outdoor Teak Furniture

Outdoor Teak Furniture

It doesn’t matter if your outdoor area is big or small, a lot of people prefer wood furniture over other materials such as metals or plastic. Teak in particular, offers an unmatched beauty for your outdoor furniture needs.

Outdoor furniture can be made of many kinds of wood, but teak in particular has been preferred for years by wooden furniture fans all over the world for both its beauty and durability.

Teak is a tropical hardwood that has been commercially exploited for years. Nowadays, there are teak plantations in many countries due to the growing need for this precious hardwood. It’s usually the first choice for those applications where durability is required. Teak wood has been used for years in ships, floors and furniture among other applications.

Teak furniture can easily last for centuries when good care of it is taken. This is possible because teak is naturally resistant to water and insects. Teak’s natural oil helps to keep it’s golden brown finish for years, requiring few maintenance even in harsh conditions, and best of all, teak furniture won’t rot in humid places, making it perfect for outdoors.

As years go by and teak starts to age, it may start to loose some of it’s natural color and turn silver. Many people like this feature, as it’s only a change in it’s look. This grayed look of teak doesn’t affect it’s durability, teak furniture will remain strong against water and insects, but if you still prefer the golden brown color of natural teak, it can be easily restored with the help of teak oil.

Teak furniture requires low maintenance when compared to other hardwoods. When the wood is treated, it’s maintenance is even lower. In most cases teak furniture won’t require more than an occasional teak oil application and a regular rinse to wash away the dust. Applying a teak sealer may also help to keep teak’s natural look.

Price is for many people the biggest issue when it comes to the buying decision, since teak is considerably more expensive than most of the other hardwoods. However people usually ignores that they are buying a solid piece of furniture that will last for decades.

Before buying outdoor teak furniture, you should have a clear idea of what you want. Outdoor teak furniture sets are expensive, so you may want to be sure that they will fit fine in your space.