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The simplest guide to correctly clean teak furniture

The simple way to correctly clean teak furniture

The simple way to correctly clean teak furniture

Teak is a weather resistant wood, it’s naturally resistant to water and with proper care, teak furniture can easily outlast it’s owners. However, some basic maintenance is required to preserve any piece of furniture made of this precious wood. As ridiculous as it may sound, most of the people that own teak furniture don’t even realize that there are proper ways to clean teak furniture, as well as some that may harm it.

So let’s start with the simplest way to clean a piece of teak furniture. Grab a hose, and give the piece of furniture a gentle bath and that’s it. Easy right? Remember that teak is waterproof, so using some water to remove any dust over your furniture is just fine.

By the way, if you still think that we are kidding with the idea of giving your teak furniture a shower we must specify that we are being serious, after all you must have seen a lot of advertising about outdoor teak furniture, so, outdoor means that it can stand rain, snow, or sun. Right now we only want to remove the dust, so giving your furniture a rinse makes a lot of sense.

Sometimes, dirt won’t go away so easy, so you may try with a power sprayer, but be careful. When using power sprayers to wash teak furniture, make sure you use a wide fan pattern to protect your precious teak piece. If you just attack it with a direct shot of pressure you may damage your piece of teak furniture. Teak is hard and waterproof, but it’s still wood so don’t abuse.

Just as a safety note, we must mention that you should wear goggles while you use the power sprayer to avoid any backsplash from hitting your eyes.

By now, you should have a clean valuable piece of teak furniture, but if you don’t, we’ll need to move forward and apply some cleaning solutions. From now on, we’ll assume that your piece of furniture doesn’t have any cloth fabric, leather or anything similar. If your furniture does have anything else besides teak hardwood, you must cover or wrap that area in order to protect it from the cleaning agents that we will use.

Let’s prepare a simple solution that will help us clean the piece of teak furniture and leave it like new. First, grab a recipient, fill it with water, add some detergent, and some mild remover. A very small amount of bleach in our solution may be helpful, but be careful as it can damage any cloth on the furniture. Second step is to grab a brush and try to remove any remaining trace of dirt, dust or whatever is bothering you on the furniture piece.

After a couple of minutes get the hose back and rinse the furniture piece, then let it dry. By now we should have a clean and good looking piece of teak furniture, don’t you? If you don’t, we’ll need to try something more radical.

If all your previous attempts have failed, then the only thing you can do by know is get some sand paper and sand the piece, after that you may apply some teak oil or varnish to refinish your piece of teak furniture.