Why teak is a great choice for floor mats

Teak bathroom mat

Teak bathroom mat

Teak floor mats have become very popular nowadays for many reasons. In fact teak offers many advantages over other common materials such as cloth and rubber specially in bathrooms and other wet areas. Once people is aware of teak’s advantages they usually prefer it.

The first advantage that teak offers over other materials is it’s appearance. Teak is a beautiful hardwood that refreshes the eye and offers a luxury feel to your bathroom or home entrance. The golden brown tone of teak easily blends with any decoration and furniture improving the visual appearance of your home.

For many centuries teak has been used in south Asian countries to create furniture, buildings and boats. However in recent years teak has been gaining popularity in the United States and many other countries praised by many for it’s beauty and reliability. If you have decided to get a wood mat for your floor, then teak is your best choice.

The natural resistance to water and insects is another great feature of teak mats. Teak wood contains high levels of teak oil and silica. This two components provide teak wood with the features required to survive for years in wet conditions.
Having a bathroom mat made of a water resistant material such as teak will give you peace of mind. Cloth and rubber mats usually rot or get mildew, this is something you won’t have to worry about with teak. Teak mats require less maintenance than other materials and last longer.

Another important feature of teak hardwood is its high density and resistance. Teak wood has been used in floors for years because of this two features. Having a high density makes teak wood highly resistant to insects and other plagues. Since teak has a whole set of features to last for a lifetime you may consider it a long term investment. The high density of teak’s grain provides a comfortable and smooth feel. When buying a floor mat you may want to consider teak.