Add a finishing touch to your patio with a teak umbrella

Teak Umbrella

Teak Umbrella

Having cool furniture on your patio is good, but sometimes you may feel that there is something missing. To fill this gap people usually look for some decoration elements that will bring more style to outdoor areas.

Installing a teak umbrella on your patio may add the final touch to it. There are many options in the market, you can find patio umbrellas in different styles, colors and materials. If you are starting to think that a teak umbrella is the only thing missing in your patio then there are a few things you should consider first.

If you already own wood furniture, a wood umbrella will be better to match the look of your furniture. Teak is a great choice in this cases because of it’s beauty and weather resistance. Maintenance is also lower when compared to other wooden umbrellas.

The intended use of the umbrella is also a factor to consider. There are tabletop umbrellas, suitable to bring some shades over your outdoor table. Tabletop teak umbrellas are very common on outdoor dining sets. Self standing patio umbrellas on the other hand, are more suitable if you want to relax on a bench.

Teak umbrellas are somewhat different from teak furniture. Teak patio umbrellas will require some extra care if you want them to last for a long time. The basic maintenance this umbrellas require is regular cleaning and oiling. This is an easy process that only takes few minutes to accomplish.

Basic maintenance requires you to start by washing all the umbrella with water and a mild soap. Then you can continue brushing the umbrella gently. Be careful with the type of brush you use, make sure it’s a gentle one. Abrasive materials will remove teak’s natural protective oil and reduce the umbrellas resistance to weather. Once your teak umbrella is clean, let it dry. Later you may continue applying some teak oil, or stain according to your personal choice.

If basic maintenance doesn’t bother you then you’ll be more than happy with a brand new teak umbrella for your patio.