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Finishing teak floors

Finished Teak Floor

Finished Teak Floor

Teak floors are wonderful, however you should take some basic stops to ensure that they are protected and will remain stunning for years. Applying a nice finish to your teak floors is a good idea to preserve them.

Sanding is the first thing you should do to finish your teak floor. Start by using a coarse sandpaper to remove the big imperfections. Then move on to finer sandpapers to make the surface even. Avoid sanding too long on the same spot, or you will end up making a hole on the surface which may be difficult to remove.

Once you finish sanding the floor, clean all the surface. Make sure you remove all the resulting debris. We recommend using a powerful vacuum cleaner besides using a broom. This is very important to achieve an even surface once you apply the finishing coat to your hardwood teak floor.

Our next step is applying the desired finishing product to your floor. Of course you can do this in many ways, but we recommend using a piece of cloth to apply your product. Some people prefer to apply the finishing stain with a brush, however this may lead to an uneven application of the product if there is an excess of it.

While you are applying the finishing product on your floor, watch out for darker areas. They point out places where excessive stain is being accumulated. If this is happening to your floor, make sure to remove the excess as soon as possible.

When the finishing coat is in place, the floor will need about 3 days to dry completely. If you pull in heavy furniture before this period of time there may appear scratches on the floor. This can be tricky, since it may appear to be dry after the first day.

Teak floors have a beautiful golden brown tone and you should avoid dark stains to keep its color. Some people prefer using dark stains as it helps the area to look more elegant. Of course this is a personal decision, and it’s up to you.

A lot people prefer to use teak oil instead of stain. Teak oil not only preserves teak’s natural appeal, it also helps to keep it’s natural resistance. Remember that teak is naturally resistant to water and insects, and teak oil helps to preserve this amazing features.

Finally, when your elegant floors are done, you can complete the decoration with some pieces of fancy furniture to spice the place.