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Why you should consider teak furniture

Teak Folding Table

Teak Folding Table

When you are looking for durable wood furniture, teak may be one of your choices. Teak is a solid and good looking hardwood good to spice up any room or outdoor space. This wood is very resistant to weather, making it perfect for outdoor usage. Teak furniture requires very little maintenance making it a great choice for people that don’t have time to take care of it.

Teak usually comes from countries in south east Asia or south America. It is a very dense hardwood with a high content of natural oil making it very resistant to water. Teak is an excellent material for outdoor furniture as it will withstand the elements.

Many people like to wax teak furniture or apply any treatment to it. However, some people prefer to leave teak untreated and let it change to a silvery gray tone. The change in teak’s color doesn’t mean that it’s quality is degrading. Untreated teak tends to become gray as the years go by. Whether or not to apply a treatment is a personal choice.

If you belong to the group of people that prefer to treat teak and keep it’s natural look then you may like teak oil. Treating your furniture with teak oil will not make it last longer, but will help to keep it’s original color. To keep your furniture looking like new you will have to apply teak oil at least once a year. Many people however prefer to apply teak oil two times a year.

Before applying teak oil or any other treatment to your furniture you need to wash it first. Teak oil has to be applied on clean surfaces, so make sure that there is no dust or dirt on it. Once you have a clean and dry surface you can use a soft brush to apply the teak oil or desired treatment product. Teak furniture left without treatment should be completely cleaned at least once a year to keep it on good shape.

As you can see, teak furniture only requires some basic maintenance once a year and is weather resistant. This is what you should take into consideration when picking new furniture for your outdoor space.